The Last Shepherd

  • 9.3 10
  • 2013
  • 77min
The Last Shepherd
  • Original Title: The Last Shepherd

Renato Zucchelli is the last travelling shepherd left in a metropolis, and he has a dream: to lead his flock of sheep to the inaccessible city center to meet the children who have never seen him, showing them that dreams and freedom will always exist as long as there is still space to believe in a last shepherd who conquered back his city together with only his sheeps and the power of imagination.

The Last Shepherd
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Torino Film Festival/ Tokyo International Film Festival/ Dubai International Film Festival/ Slamdance Film Festival/ Big Sky Documentary Film Festival/ Seattle International Film Festival/ Full Frame Documentary Film Festival/ Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival/ Transilvania International Film Festival/ World Film Festival of Bangkok

The Last Shepherd, when mountains come to the city center

Aristotle once said a man shows himself by what he does, not by what he says. Climbing a hillside next to his shepherd dog, cutting bread on the kitchen table and sitting down to listen a radio program are the first things Renato Zucchelli does in this film. We still do not see his face, but we hear the dry and robust laughter of candid man . "A shepherd's day is better than a lion's life," he says while standing on a rock, like a sentinel.

But Renato is not alone. In his humble house in the outskirts of Milan he lives with his four children and an adorable wife, who sees him as a fifth child. With the help of his family, Renato leads his flock across the metropolitan lands that still resist the increasing urban development that is approaching, and takes his sheep to the city center so that the new generations can witness this noble and necessary way of life.

Marco Bonfanti
Marco Bonfanti Director

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