The Last Remix

  • 9.5 10
  • 2015
  • 83min
The Last Remix
  • Original Title: Der letzte Remix (2015)

A series of bold collage and remix creators from various areas spark a discussion about the existence of these art made of recycled content in the internet's golden age.

The Last Remix

The Last Remix. The frontiers of impure art today

Meet David Wessel, aka Mashup Germany, who takes monotonous pop songs of the past
to create completely new music pieces.

Meet internet artist Tobias Leingruber, developer of “Pirates of the Amazon”. 

Meet composer Johannes Kreidler, who by one simple act questioned the whole reasonableness
of the German organization for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights

These creators put the concept of copyright to the test at a time when remixes and collage have become a mass phenomenon through the internet.

Olaf Held
Olaf Held Director

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