The Last Image

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  • 2020
  • 71min
The Last Image
  • Original Title: The Last Image

In this captivating documentary, a blind Brazilian poet Benedito Senna finds an unexpected connection with filmmaker Benedito in Paris, sparking a friendship fueled by shared passions and a desire to collaborate.

The Last Image

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Transition Queer Film Festival/ Mix Brasil São Paulo/ Cine Teatro São Joaquim Goiás 

The Last Image - Intimate, Collaborative, Struggle

Benedito Senna, a blind poet from Belém, Brazil, finds solace and companionship in Jean Luc, his loving spouse and devoted reader of his verses, after relocating to France. In Paris, he crosses paths with another Benedito, a Brazilian gay filmmaker, sparking a friendship bound by their shared heritage and mutual love for visual storytelling. Years later, their shared name and passion for imagery reunite them for a collaborative film project. Yet, as they delve into the filmmaking process, they confront unexpected challenges and growing disparities, testing the strength of their connection and creative partnership.

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