The Last Campaign

  • 8.3 10
  • 2022
  • 81min
The Last Campaign
  • Original Title: The Last Campaign

Activist Jonathan Katz fervently campaigns for Bernie Sanders in the Midwest, only to have his convictions tested and to witness the rise of a new, vibrant generation of activists.

The Last Campaign

The last campaign - Revolution, Convictions

This exciting documentary chronicles the fervent journey of Jonathan Katz, a passionate Jewish activist from New York, who plunges headfirst into the battlegrounds of the American Midwest. With the lingering shadow of Donald Trump's tenure, Katz is fuelled by an unwavering belief in Senator Bernie Sanders and his vision for America. Embarking on a mission to get Sanders into the Oval Office, Katz is met with both hope and skepticism, resistance and comradeship. However, as the days wear on, the fervent activist faces challenges that test his dedication, forcing him to reevaluate his staunchest beliefs. Amidst rallies, speeches, and heartfelt conversations, Katz encounters a young brigade of political enthusiasts and change-makers. This new generation, emboldened and inspired, signifies a fresh chapter in the annals of American activism. While for Katz, this might be the climax of his political activism, for these young trailblazers, it's merely the prologue.

Lionel Rupp
Lionel Rupp Director

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