The KGB connections

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  • 1982
  • 130min
The KGB connections
  • Original Title: The KGB connections

This rare documentary piece is a propaganda film with which the Pentagon trained its security personnel against the threat of Soviet undercover agents on its soil in the 1980s.

The KGB connections

The KGB connections. Secret agents in the United States

In 1982, rumors began to circulate that the White House was showing its security personnel a Canadian-produced documentary to train them to identify potential Soviet undercover agents in the United States.

This is how "The KGB connections" became known in the 1980s, almost in a secret way. The film shows footage of alleged Soviet and Cuban agents on U.S. soil and, in the style of a propaganda film, puts everything in the context of the Cold War and the need to defeat communism.

Martyn Burke
Martyn Burke Director

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