The Journey of Aliou

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 21min
The Journey of Aliou
  • Original Title: Le Voyage Daliou

A stolen camera is the tool that a director of a theater group in Dakar needs to shoot an LGBTI film with his actors. But this will be far from easy in this homophobic city.

The Journey of Aliou


Le Voyage Daliou. Making an indie LGBTI film in Dakar

Modou, the young director of a theater group in Dakar, Senegal, gets a stolen camera to shoot a film with his actors. The script tells the true story of a young man who left the country after being expelled from his community for being gay.

The proposal causes uproar in the group, as the actors are unsure about portraying this gay story. What is about to happen is, simply, unpredictable.

Production Companies

Mamadou Samba Diallo

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