The Investigator

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 70min
The Investigator
  • Original Title: The Investigator

In this gripping film, a pioneering Czech investigator returns to the former Yugoslavia, retracing the steps of his historic quests to bring war criminals to justice and exploring the scars left by the conflict.

The Investigator


The Investigator - A quest for justice unveils the deep wounds of a war-torn region


This action-packed documentary follows Vladimír Dzuro, the first Czech criminal investigator for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, as he revisits the landscapes that were once the epicenters of ethnic cleansing and warfare. Through a journey both literal and reflective, Dzuro revisits the sites of his major investigations—the Ovčara massacre in Croatia and the brutal acts committed by warlord Zeljko Ražnatović Arkan in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Interspersed with poignant testimonies from survivors, the documentary delves into the complexities of seeking justice across battle-scarred communities, questioning the lasting impact of international interventions in local tragedies. As Dzuro confronts the ongoing challenges of reconciliation and the elusive nature of justice, viewers are invited to contemplate the profound ramifications of conflict and the painstaking pursuit of accountability and healing.

Viktor Portel
Viktor Portel Director

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