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The Importance of Being Morrissey

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  • 2003
  • Nonemin
The Importance of Being Morrissey
  • English

The Importance of Being Morrissey is the most revealing and quotable documentary made on Steven Patrick Morrissey. In it he compares meat eating to child abuse; attacks the Royal Family and Tony Blair; responds to the accusations of racism; and we hear about his depression. There’s also some great concert footage, and a mixed selection of celebrity fans who explain their fervor for the Mozz: J K Rowling identifies with Morrissey in a darkened room, though still won’t give up bacon; former neighbor, playwright Alan Bennett couldn’t say his name, but thinks he has an interesting face with a story to tell; Will Self likes his muscular intellect; Noel Gallagher thinks he is the greatest ever lyricist; Chrissie Hynde thinks people who don’t get him can go fuck themselves; Bono thinks he’s funny; and Nancy Sinatra says he’s a great hugger.

The Importance of Being Morrissey
  • English
Tina Flintoff
Tina Flintoff Director
Ricky Kelehar
Ricky Kelehar Director
Alan Bennett
Alan Bennett Himself
Johnny Marr
Johnny Marr Himself (archival footage)
Bono Himself
Kathy Burke
Kathy Burke Herself
Morrissey Himself

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Chrysalis Television