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The Illinois Parables

  • 7 10
  • 2016
  • Nonemin
The Illinois Parables
  • English

From dreamy aerial opening shots, we are sent on an expedition through the storied land of our fifth most populous state, Illinois, often called a miniature version of America. Deborah Stratman’s experimental documentary explores how physical landscapes and human politics can each re-interpret historical events. Eleven parables relay histories of settlement, removal, technological breakthrough, violence, messianism, and resistance. Who gets to write history—physical monuments, official news accounts, or personal spoken-word memories?

The Illinois Parables
  • English
Deborah Stratman
Deborah Stratman Director, Screenplay...
Steven Badgett
Steven Badgett Associate Producer
David Gatten
David Gatten Himself
Anna Toborg
Anna Toborg Herself

Production Companies

Pythagoras Film