The Human Factor

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  • 2018
  • 15min
The Human Factor
  • Original Title: Invictus (2009)

Using material from a mythical silent film that served as a manifesto of the Art Deco movement, this experimental essay re-signifies those images about exoticism and primitivism.

The Human Factor

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Fonction critique 2 - Aperto - Expo collective/ Speaking Power To (Post) Truth - Jane Lombard Gallery - Expo collective/ Nuit Blanche - Vincennes - Expo collective/ Festival Coté Court/ Videoex Festival/ 32es Instants Vidéo Marseille/ Festival Tous Courts/ The Human Factor - Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum - Solo show

The Human Factor. An "Art Deco" deconstruction

This film is a deconstruction of Marcel L’Herbier’s film L’inhumaine (1923). To this day, this film is considered as a manifesto of the Art Deco movement. 

This masterpiece in silent film that was filmed against the backdrop of modern and ornate set design, serves to vividly depict the various influences artists of the time had gained from the creations of distant foreign lands, as well as the very spirit that had permeated the era.

Mounir Fatmi
Mounir Fatmi Director

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