The Hamlet Syndrome

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  • 2022
  • 85min
The Hamlet Syndrome
  • Original Title: Syndrom Hamleta

Five young individuals intertwine their war experiences with Shakespeare's "Hamlet," facing the existential question of "to be or not to be" amidst Russia's looming invasion of Ukraine.

The Hamlet Syndrome

AWARDS: Golden Hobby-Horse. Krakow Film Festival/ Grand Prix, SRG SRR Award, Boccalino d’oro. Locarno Film Festival/ Best documentary film, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa Award. Trieste Film Festival/ Roman Brodmann Award for Political Documentary/ Special Jury Prize for the Most Original and Innovative Film. Millenium Film Festival/ Jury Award. Hong Kong International Film Festival/

OFFICIAL SELECTION: DOK Leipzig/ IDFA/ Adelaide International Film Festival/ Baltic Sea Docs/  DOC NYC/ Cambridge Film Festival/ BIDF Budapest International Documentary Festival/ Leeds International Film Festival/ CPH:DOX/ European Film Forum SCANORAMA/ Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival/ ZagrebDox/ Human Rights Film Festival Zurich/ Big Sky Documentary Film Festival/ Dublin International Film Festival/ Crossing Europe/ Bolzano Film Festival/ One World Romania International Human Rights & Documentary Film Festival/ Ukraine Month in Europe/ Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival/ Censurados Film Festival/ International Book and Film Festival Etonnants Voyageurs/ Moldova Film Festival/ Moldox Festival/ Greenpoint Film Festival/ Tripoli Film Festival/ Looking East (Understanding Central Europe) Festival Amsterdam/ EPOS - Art Film Festival


The Hamlet Syndrome - Confrontation, Catharsis, Resilience

This action-packed documentary takes us in the months leading up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, five young individuals find solace and catharsis in a stage production blending Shakespeare's "Hamlet" with their own war experiences. As they rehearse and perform, each character confronts their grief and trauma, grappling with the profound question of existence posed by the famous soliloquy. Slavik, a former soldier, Katya seeks forgiveness for joining the army, Rodion faces homophobia after escaping Donbas, Roman battles traumatic memories as a paramedic, and Oxana struggles as an actress on the artistic frontline. Through their intertwined narratives, the film offers a poignant portrait of a generation coping with the harsh realities of war, now thrust into an uncertain future amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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