The Frogs

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 74min
The Frogs
  • Original Title: Las Ranas

A young woman tirelessly supports her jailed boyfriend, balancing love, contraband, and long drives to keep their bond intact.

The Frogs

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Visions Du Réel/ BAFICI/ Festival de Cine de Lima PUCP

The Frogs - A woman journeys weekly to meet her incarcerated boyfriend 

Each week, a young woman drives a few hours from Buenos Aires to visit the man she loves, who is locked up in jail. Alone but resolute, she does everything in her power to maintain their relationship, bringing him food, drugs, and unwavering love.

This gripping documentary captures her relentless dedication and the emotional toll of sustaining a romance under such challenging circumstances.

Edgardo Castro
Edgardo Castro Director

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Edgardo Castro

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