The Fog Of Peace

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  • 2020
  • 86min
The Fog Of Peace
  • Original Title: La Niebla De La Paz

Through the different perspectives of two guerrilla fighters, this documentary delves into the ins and outs of the peace process between the guerrillas and the Colombian government. Is the "fog" of the conflict really settled?

The Fog Of Peace

AWARDS: Audience Award. Panorama de Cine Colombiano en Paris/ Audience Award. Rome Independent Film Festival/ Special Mention. Naples Human Rights FF

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Guadalajara Film Festival/  Biarritz Festival Latin America/ Colombian NY Film Festival/ RIFF Awards Film Festival/ Cartagena International Film Festival/ Human International Documentary Film Festival in Oslo

The Fog of Peace. Two sides of the peace treaty in Colombia

After the beginning of the negotiation for the pacification of the guerrillas in Colombia, the combatants faced an uncertain future.

For two of them, the protagonists of this documentary, the process was seen from two different points of view.

The film follows them both before, during and after the signing of the peace treaty. 

One of them collects testimonies from his fellow guerrillas in the field, while the other documents in Havana the details of the signing of the pact.

But now, when the process ends up being a "success", what's next for them?

Joel Stangle
Joel Stangle Director

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