The Flicker

  • 8 10
  • 2011
  • 76min
The Flicker
  • Original Title: El Destello

Living as a lighthouse keeper on a remote Atlantic island, a man sets out for the Congo as a member of the UN Peacekeeping Force in search of a better fortune for his humble family.

The Flicker

The Flash. The Congo Adventure

Horacio is a quiet and patient Uruguayan who lives with his humble family on the small Island of Lobos. Horacio is in charge of the lighthouse installed on this forgotten island territory, but what he earns here is not enough to give his little daughter a better future.

In order to raise the money he needs to fulfill his family's dreams, Horacio accepts the call to an adventure he never saw coming: to accompany the UN Peacekeeping Force in the Congo. Overnight, his life changes completely. 

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