The Film Justifies Media

  • 9 10
  • 2021
  • 78min
The Film Justifies Media
  • Original Title: El Film Justifica los Medios

This intriguing documentary unearths forgotten cinema from the darkness of the editing room, prompting reflection on its enduring legacy fifty years later.

The Film Justifies Media

The Film Justifies Media - Forgotten, Reflection, Legacy

Journey into the shadows of the editing room with "Echoes of Celluloid," where forgotten movies reveal glimpses of a trance-like country frozen in time. As old film reels resurface, we embark on a retrospective exploration of a bygone era. Fifty years later, three of the cinema's creators come together to ponder the enduring legacy of their work. Do the echoes of this once-vibrant cinema still resonate in today's society, or have they been lost to the annals of history, leaving behind nothing but the remnants of their negatives?

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