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The Family

  • 10 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
The Family
  • Slovene

Interpersonal relationships in a dysfunctional family under the microscope of the camera.

The Family
  • Slovene
Rok Biček
Rok Biček Director, Writer
Matej Rajk
Matej Rajk , Himself
Nia Kastelec
Nia Kastelec , Herself
Alenka Rajk
Alenka Rajk , Herself
Boris Rajk
Boris Rajk , Himself
Mitja Rajk
Mitja Rajk , HimselfHimself , Himself
Ivka Gruden
Ivka Gruden , Herself
Robert Kreše
Robert Kreše , Himself

Production Companies

RTV Slovenija

Zwinger Film