The Fabulist

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  • 2022
  • 66min
The Fabulist
  • Original Title: The Fabulist

In this inspiring and heartwarming documentary, experienced Hollywood talent agent Sandi Marx decides to take up a new career as a stand-up comedian as she copes with her declining health.

The Fabulist

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: ARFF Amsterdam/ New York Lift-Off/ Vegas Cinefest/ Docs Without Borders/ Big Apple Film Festival

The Fabulist. From Hollywood agent to stand-up comedian

The Fabulist is a film that will resonate with anyone who has ever pursued a dream. And it's also a great introduction to the world of stand-up comedy for those who are unfamiliar with it.
This inspirational film does an excellent job of showing the ups and downs of Sandi's journey. We all have something special that we're meant to do in this world, and The Fabulist is a reminder that it's never too late to pursue our dreams.

Frank Ruy
Frank Ruy Director

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