The Eyes of the Sea

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  • 2017
  • 80min
The Eyes of the Sea
  • Original Title: Los Ojos Del Mar

A woman with a troubled past embarks on a journey to the open sea carrying a message to the grieving families of fishermen shipwrecked in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Eyes of the Sea

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Biarritz Film Festival/ Visions Du Réel/ Guadalajara Film Festival

The Eyes of the Sea. The fishermen's last voyage

After producing award-winning documentaries premiered in Rotterdam, Telluride and HotDocs, filmmaker Jose Alvarez brings this documentary about loss and redemption focused on the event of the shipwreck of a group of fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. 

This reflection on living and dying is told through Hortensia, a woman who, in order to heal her spirit, sets sail to the last known location of the victims' to carry a message of compassion.

José Álvarez
José Álvarez Director

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