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2012 109min

The End of Time

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The End of Time is a cinematic experience from visionary filmmaker Peter Mettler which explores our perception of time.

The End of Time, A journey through time on earth

“Things do not have a name. We invent them ", Canadian Swiss director Peter Mettler says in the beginning of his documentary, perhaps suggesting the way men found to assimilate what do not exists. The end of time is a memorable sensory journey through amazing images of planet earth in search of a concept of time. To seize it seems to be the fate of the viewer. 

Lava navels that spill out into the frame, the incredible images of the man who reach the stratosphere mounted on a helium balloon, the twinkling lights of a city resting beneath a ghostly haze. The previous ones are some of the places that inhabit the cinematic shots sustained over time, a way of modeling a feeling that moves us away from the frenetic rhythm of the streaming media audiovisual world. 

The End of Time is a film that breathes in each shot, a ship that crosses different environments and is punctuated by testimonies of characters who think about time, including an endearing interview of the author's own mother at the end of the film. The notions of man to use time in favor of his spiritual freedom, or even his violent incidence on the rhythm of the natural ecosystem are some of the reflections raised by these characters. 

Consistent with its thematic foundation, the film's main achievement is reached thanks to its contemplative nature, which allows the spectator to sculpt his own temporary experience. Only one thing is sure about this question, as the director will say in the last minutes of film: "While light reaches us from the infinite. This moment is thrown towards some being in the future".


Peter Mettler