The Cup d'Etat Factory

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 105min
The Cup d'Etat Factory
  • Original Title: A Fantástica Fábrica de Golpes

This thought-provoking documentary exposes the manipulative tactics of Brazilian media giants, notably TV Globo, through the revelations of two journalists based in the UK.

The Cup d'Etat Factory

The Cup d'Etat Factory - Revealing, Investigative, Expose

This brilliant documentary unveils the clandestine role of Brazilian media behemoths, notably TV Globo, in facilitating the nation's long history of coup d'états. Through the insights of two Brazilian journalists stationed in the UK, the documentary delves into the manipulative strategies employed by these organizations to influence public opinion and undermine democratic processes. With a focus on uncovering the truth behind Brazil's tumultuous political landscape, the film sheds light on the intricate relationship between media power and political upheaval.

Víctor Fraga
Víctor Fraga Director

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