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The Cuba Prostitution Documentary

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  • 2011
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The Cuba Prostitution Documentary
  • Original Title: The Cuba Prostitution Documentary

It is not a documentary about "prostitution" in Cuba per se, as in the guy pays money in exchange for sex, it is more about Andrew trying to pick up girls in Cuba. The author, Andrew Lindy, is obsessed with beauty. A New York based fashion and travel photographer Andrew longs as much for connection as he does for beauty. Being a travel photographer and having written travel articles for ELLE magazine, Andrew feels at home anywhere in the world... and as a fashion photographer, he is comfortable around beautiful women. This is a look at the lack of sexual taboo in Cuba, as well as the financial difficulties that lead to prostitution in some Cubans, for the purpose of survival.

The Cuba Prostitution Documentary
Andrew Lindy
Andrew Lindy Writer, Director

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