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The Creativity Project

  • 5.7 10
  • 2018
  • 3min
The Creativity Project
  • Original Title: Flow: The Creativity Principle (2017)

This short film is a glimpse at the world of living art, specifically the living statues, as a fascinating way to convey human creativity

The Creativity Project

AWARDS: Best STEAM. New Media Film Festival 

The Creativity Project. A glimpse at the living art in the streets

Conceived as a piece from a series of short stories exploring the creative mind, this short film has a glimpse at the art of Ten31 Entertainment, a company that provides living art entertainment for any type of events.

They define “living art” as a performance that involves a performer who is highly trained to encapsulate a type of character wearing an amazing handcrafted costume.

Production Companies

Steven G. Smith

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