The Conquest Of The Ruins

  • 9.7 10
  • 2020
  • 83min
The Conquest Of The Ruins
  • Original Title: La Conquista De Las Ruinas

Have we ever asked ourselves about the way we inhabit our cities? This film exposes the city habitat by contrasting it with the rural areas from which it takes its construction materials.

The Conquest Of The Ruins

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: DOK.Fest München/ Festival del Cinema Latinoamericano de Trieste

The Conquest Of The Ruins. Destroy to create

Conquest of the ruins links stories and situations that revolve around the exploitation of land for the construction of cities, the chaotic advance of the modern city, and the memory and preservation of archeological remains that survived the passage of time. 

Nothing remains the same, everything is transformed. The documentary exposes the dark side behind the urban expansion, and thus allows us to follow different pathways in the maze of the construction industry. 

It constitutes a mosaic of realities that is simultaneously troubling yet emotional, and which aims at reflecting on the complexity of spaces and limits, both products of the city’s continuous expansion.

Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gomez Director

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