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The Code

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  • 2001
  • Nonemin
The Code
  • English

The Code is a Finnish-made documentary about Linux, featuring some of the most influential people of the free software movement.

The Code
  • English
Hannu Puttonen
Hannu Puttonen Director
Kaarle Aho
Kaarle Aho Executive Producer
Jacques Debs
Jacques Debs Producer
Delphine Morel
Delphine Morel Producer
Arto Kaivanto
Arto Kaivanto Director of photography
Pertti Grönholm
Pertti Grönholm Original Music Composer
Jöns Hallanaho
Jöns Hallanaho Original Music Composer
Brandi Ifgray
Brandi Ifgray Original Music Composer
Tuomo Puranen
Tuomo Puranen Original Music Composer
Tuomo Holm
Tuomo Holm Production Manager
Julie Clemencin
Julie Clemencin Sound Editor
Seppo Renvall
Seppo Renvall Special Effects
Jordan Burwick
Jordan Burwick Location Manager
Ari Lemmke
Ari Lemmke Himself
Eric Raymond
Eric Raymond Himself
Eric Allman
Eric Allman Himself
Alan Cox
Alan Cox Himself