The Clown's Impression of St. Petersburg

  • 5.5 10
  • 2014
  • 26min

This documentary follows the renowned clown Robert Gorodetsky around the city of St. Petersburg, a portrait of the less funny side of an expert in making people laugh

The Clown's Impression of St. Petersburg. The sad side of a funny man

In St. Petersburg there is a clown well known to everyone. He calls himself a “nation-wide artist". 

Robert Gorodetsky is a world famous clown from St. Petersburg. In the Guinness Book of Records he appears as "the most filled with flowers His Majesty the actor".  It was him who came up with "Blue Canaries" ("Blue Canary"), a renowned number in the world of clowns. 

Sometimes funny things can become sad, but the sad is also ridiculous in a way. This is the story of the other, sober side of a very funny man.

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Kino - Art

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