The City

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  • 2011
  • 14min
The City
  • Original Title: The City (2008- )

A Moroccan man traveled to Spain, to another land, another sea, with the certainty of finding a better city, but he did not know that his city was traveling with him.

The City

AWARDS: Best Short Film. Cine Euro Árabe Amal International Film Festival/ Best Short Film. Bolivia El Séptimo Ojo Es Tuyo Human Rights Film Festival/ Second Prize. Festival Regional de Cortometrajes "Ciudad de La Unión"

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ Festival de Cine Español de Málaga/ Alcine/ Festival Internacional del Cine Pobre de Humberto Solás/ Dona Documentary Film Festival/ Alcances/ Festival de Cine Africano de Tarifa/ Docudays/ Humandoc International Documentary Film Festival/ Terra Di Tutti Film Festival/ Festival.dok/ Ovni Observatori de Video No Identificat/ Festival Un Film Per La Pace/ Uninvited Festival/ Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Cine y Video Documental Independiente Contra El Silencio Todas Las Voces/ Panazorean Film Festival Migrations and Interculturality/ El Corto del Año/ San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival/ Cinemigrante/ Manya Human Rights International Film Festival/ Festival Internacional Actúa Intermón Oxfam/ Muestra Internacional de Cine Independiente Cineseptembre/ Barcelona Visualsound/ IBAFF/ ADOCS/ Concurso de Cortos Por la Igualdad de Derechos y Contra El Racismo/ Festival de Cortometrajes de Temática Metropolitana de L´hospitalet/ Premis Miquel Fábregues de Reportatges I Documentals

The city. I migrate but I carry my land with me

Over the course of several years, the Spanish director Gonzalo Ballester films a Moroccan immigrant in Spain who left his land with the desire to be part of this new landscape.

But as the years go by, his primal hope changes, and he begins to discover that, despite the distance, his original land remains with him in this new place that cannot be his.

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Gonzalo Ballester

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