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The Bridge

  • 0 10
  • 2006
  • Nonemin
The Bridge
  • Original Title: The Bridge

A father must try to save his daughter from deep within the cult of Scientology, while a young woman working for the Scientologists must question her faith.

The Bridge
Brett Hanover
Brett Hanover Writer, Director...
Danette Almond
Danette Almond Producer
Matthew Funk
Matthew Funk Producer
Raymond Hill
Raymond Hill Producer
Tom Padgett
Tom Padgett Producer
Bill Baker
Bill Baker Scientology leader
Joseph Baker
Joseph Baker Scientologist #7
Kimberly Baker
Kimberly Baker Scientologist #6
Nathan Berry
Nathan Berry 2nd Protestor
Fred Cook
Fred Cook Flag Narrator
Adam Craycroft
Adam Craycroft Protestor
Brian Forrest
Brian Forrest Micah D. Greenstein
Louis Glazer
Louis Glazer Scientologist #4
Marylin Glazer
Marylin Glazer Scientologist #3
Rachel Glazer
Rachel Glazer Scientologist #5
Alexis Harris
Alexis Harris Scientologist #8
Diana Heaton
Diana Heaton Amy Grey
Lena Kirk
Lena Kirk 2nd Teenager
Ron Miscavige
Ron Miscavige Himself (archive footage)
Roland Oser
Roland Oser Mr. Parker
Tom Padgett
Tom Padgett Richard Grey (Father)
Paulette Regan
Paulette Regan Richard's Ex-Wife
Linley Schmidt
Linley Schmidt Newscaster
Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbery
Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbery Scientologist #1
Carole Smith
Carole Smith Dianne Wheat (Volunteer Scientologist)
Molly Summit
Molly Summit Scientologist #2

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