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The Borneo Case

  • 7 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
The Borneo Case
  • English, Malay

The Borneo Case is a unique story filmed over 25 years and tells the epic tale of how the rainforest, home of the last nomads was stripped of its natural resources. It reveals how billions of dollars of illegal profits solicited by the Chief Minister of Sarawak State in Malaysia were money laundered with the assistance of the largest global banks into offshore accounts and property portfolios all over the world. The case was labelled as the largest environmental crime of the century.

The Borneo Case
  • English, Malay
Dylan Williams
Dylan Williams Editor, Director...
Erik Pauser
Erik Pauser Director, Director of photography...
Nils Bökamp
Nils Bökamp Co-Producer
Felix Kriegsheim
Felix Kriegsheim Co-Producer
Joost van der Valk
Joost van der Valk Co-Producer
Mags Gavan
Mags Gavan Co-Producer
Dewi Gregory
Dewi Gregory Co-Producer
Adam Partridge
Adam Partridge Executive Producer
AXEL ARNÖ Executive Producer
Anna Sternfledt
Anna Sternfledt Researcher
Mutang Urud
Mutang Urud Himself
Bruno Manser
Bruno Manser Himself
Along Sega
Along Sega Himself