The Blue Flower Of Novalis

  • 9 10
  • 2019
  • 69min
The Blue Flower Of Novalis
  • Original Title: The Blue Flower of Novalis (2018)

Marcelo is a dandy, a homosexual, a voracious reader and, in one of his past lives, a German poet obsessed with a blue rose he never found. This is a bold dissection of a character with all his wild facets.

The Blue Flower Of Novalis

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Berlinale/ Cinéma du Réel- Festival Internacional de Cinema de Paris/ Indie Lisboa/ Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes/ TLVFest 2019 - Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival/ Festival Internacional de Cinema de Valdivia/ Antenna - Australia's International Documentary Festival/ Transcinema

The Blue Flower of Novalis. The lives of a unique character

Marcelo, a dandy of about 40 years old, possesses an unmatched memory. He relives familiar memories in his head and has recollections of his past lives. 

In one of them he was Novalis, a German poet who chased a blue rose. And in this current life, what is Marcelo chasing?

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