Big Lies

  • 6.5 10
  • 2019
  • 38min

An American writer travels to Russia and discovers the lingering effects of Holodomor and The Great Famine - the Soviet war on peasants started by the Bolsheviks a century ago. She also uncovers controversial facts about American business in the USSR during the early ‘30s.


AWARDS: Gold Award. Best Global Shorts/ Diamond Film Award. Diamond Film Awards/ Silver Award. Spotlight Documentary Film Awards/ Starshine Trophy for Best Documentary. Starshine Film Festival

The Big Lies. "Holodomor" and the Soviet Revolution

“Big Lies” features two women and one man in their nineties as they tell their stories to an American writer (Kathleen Tarr) about miraculous survival in the early thirties in different parts of rural Russia.

Peasant Nikolay remembers the day when his relatives were deported to Siberia for being “too wealthy” and how the other villagers caught the last chicken and drank moonshine to prepare the farewell dinner.

Granny Lidia recollects being forced to eat grass and weeds - anything they could forage for survival—when people were dying in the streets and nobody was able to bury them.

In the course of her journey across Russia, Kathleen Tarr uncovers some controversial historical facts about Holodomor in the USSR, and starts seeing how these past historical events resonate today. 

Igor Runov
Igor Runov Director

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