The Benevolents

  • 9 10
  • 2021
  • 16min
The Benevolents
  • Original Title: Les Bienveillants

An intimate look at Montreal call center volunteers, showcasing the importance of vigilant listeners in a lonely society.

The Benevolents

AWARDS: Mention du Jury. Hot Docs/ Meilleur Court-métrage Documentaire. Filministes

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Hot Docs/ Canadian Screen Awards/ Indy Shorts Heartland Film Festival/ Gimli Film Festival/ Festival Courts d'un soir/ Cinefest Sudbury/ Still Voices Film Festival

The Benevolents  - Volunteers combat loneliness with listening

This gripping documentary immerses us in the world of a Montreal call center dedicated to supporting those in need. Following a group of future volunteers offers an intimate look at their training and experiences.

Through their journey, the film highlights the crucial role of vigilant listeners in a society grappling with loneliness and isolation.


Production Companies

Sarah Baril Gaudet

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