The Bat Ear

  • 8 10
  • 2017
  • 56min
The Bat Ear
  • Original Title: L'oreille décollée (2018)

Lucie was born with a protruding ear that she got from her mother. In this documentary she tries to find answers in her fathers' features.

The Bat Ear

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The Bat Ear. The features that speak to us

The filmmaker Lucie Szechter has a protruding ear. In her words, that is something she got from her mother. It's one of the rare things they have in common. 

Her mother almost considers it as her own and offered to pay for Lucie to have it stitched back. But what about the rest of Lucie's face? Where does it come from?

Lucie Szechter
Lucie Szechter Director

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