The Art of Living in Danger

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  • 2020
  • 87min
The Art of Living in Danger
  • Original Title: The Art of Living in Danger

This personal journey expands into a broader exploration of women's rights in Iran, as Keshavarz joins forces with five female lawyers fighting for gender equality and the criminalization of domestic violence.

The Art of Living in Danger

AWARDS: Wide Angle. Busan International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: One World Media Awards

The Art of Living in Danger -Struggle for Women's Rights in Iran

Upon uncovering the heartbreaking secret of her grandmother's suicide, director Mina Keshavarz embarks on a poignant exploration of domestic violence and women's rights in Iran. "The Art of Living in Danger" weaves together the personal and the political, combining Keshavarz's intimate narration with the stories of female lawyers championing gender equality.

The documentary sheds light on the oppressive conditions Iranian women face, regarded as property under the law, and captures a powerful movement towards change, fueled by the courage of those who refuse to stay silent.

Mina Keshavarz
Mina Keshavarz Director

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