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The Adventure

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The Adventure
  • French

In 2011, as tens of thousands of migrants, Loss, and Madess Moussa arrived in Europe via Turkey. Required by EU law to remain in Greece, they only want one thing : to leave. Therefore earn the money needed to start is an obsession and all means are good. The film "The Adventure" follows the lives of these three Ivorians to Athens - their sense of enclosure, strategies to find money, failover illegally, attempts to start - and explores what is at stake, individually and collectively during migration: relations to other migrant communities, friendship, betrayal, solidarity, mafias and violence.

The Adventure
  • French
Manolis Makridakis
Manolis Makridakis Sound Recordist
Mohamed Adebayor
Mohamed Adebayor Camera Operator
Losseni Koné
Losseni Koné Protagonist
Moussa Diakité
Moussa Diakité Protagonist
Hamed Sidibé
Hamed Sidibé Protagonist