That Which Does Not Kill

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  • 2019
  • 83min
That Which Does Not Kill
  • Original Title: Sans Frapper

How to talk about sexual abuse? From where can a survivor tell about it without breaking into tears? This is a courageous collective testimony about rape and how to overcome it.

That Which Does Not Kill

AWARDS: Young Jury Reteena Award. DocsBarcelona/ Jury Award. Visions du Réel/ Best Documentary. IDFA/ Best Documentary. Festival dei Populi/ @France24 Award for the Best Documentary. Festival Films Femmes Méditerranée/ IDFA Official Selection

That Which Does Not Kill. Courageous survivors of abuse

Premiered at the prestigious International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, this documentary presents a network of faces and their testimonies after experiencing sexual abuse.

Tough, courageous, uncomfortable, the stories we hear invite us to put ourselves in the shoes of the victims for a moment in our lives. Their testimonies speak of a universal pain with which we can all identify.

The film camera lends its transparency and its power of etherization to serve as therapy for those who are in front of it and for us, who receive from them a learning experience of admirable courage.

Alexe Poukine
Alexe Poukine Director

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