Telenovela - Grey-Scale in Color

  • 9 10
  • 2018
  • 62min
Telenovela - Grey-Scale in Color
  • Original Title: Telenovela En Gris y Multicolor

An Emotional Quest Bridging Cultures and Discovering Identity.

Telenovela - Grey-Scale in Color

Telenovela - Grey-Scale in Color - Journey, Identity, Heritage, Belonging

This gripping documentary embarks on an exploration of heritage and identity through the poignant journey of a young man seeking the ideal resting place for his father's ashes - Spain or Serbia. In this quest, he crosses paths with Asha, an Ethiopian girl who agrees to accompany him. Their journey, rife with notions of identity and belonging, catapults them into an array of peculiar scenarios, reminiscent of a Latin American soap opera. Through this shared adventure, they not only discover their roots but also navigate the intricate labyrinth of self-identity and cultural lineage.

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