• 9 10
  • 2018
  • 70min
  • Original Title: Tan (2018)

TAN (Body in Farsi) is an experimental documentary confronting the relation between physical and social body within two generations of men belonging to a manly working class society in Iran.


AWARDS: Audience Award. Escales Documentaires


TAN. Confronting the relation between physical and social body

The first generation participating in the Iran-Iraq war, has sacrificed his body serving his ideology while the young generation lives with a complete materialistic approach to his own body. 

This film confronts the relation between physical and social body through several encounters between the director and three main protagonists, Ismaïl, Alireza and Hadi.

These three men will afterwards become models for her paintings. All along the film, the real life of these men interconnect with the director’s visual and imaginary universe.

Elika Hedayat
Elika Hedayat Director

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