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Taking the Dog for a Walk

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  • 2015
  • Nonemin
Taking the Dog for a Walk
  • English

After Sunny's time now, his portrait of the American Free jazz drumming legend Sunny Murray, filmmaker Antoine Prum turns his attention to the British Free Improvised Music scene in this new music documentary. Following the leads of artistic advisor Tony Bevan, it retraces the road that leads from its emergence and emancipation from the various free music movements of the 1960s to the recent surge in popularity as talented new players are coming to the fore. In his search for the Britishness of British Free Improvised Music, Prum and Bevan are assisted by stand-up comedian and Derek Bailey expert Stewart Lee, who converses with musicians from different generations and backgrounds to uncover the specifics of a genre that refutes the very notion of genre.

Taking the Dog for a Walk
  • English
Antoine Prum
Antoine Prum Director, Editor...
Carlo Thiel
Carlo Thiel Director of Photography
Gilles Laurent
Gilles Laurent Sound Engineer
Maikôl Seminatore
Maikôl Seminatore Sound Editor
Steve Beresford
Steve Beresford Himself , Steve Beresford
Adam Bohman
Adam Bohman Himself , Adam Bohman
Sarah Gail Brand
Sarah Gail Brand Herself , Sarah Gail Brand
John Butcher
John Butcher Himself , John Butcher
Lol Coxhill
Lol Coxhill Himself , Lol Coxhill
Angharad Davies
Angharad Davies Angharad Davies
Rhodri Davies
Rhodri Davies Rhodri Davies
Max Eastley
Max Eastley Max Eastley
John Edwards
John Edwards John Edwards
Caroline Kraabel
Caroline Kraabel Caroline Kraabel

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