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Sunny's Time Now

  • 8.5 10
  • 2008
  • Nonemin
Sunny's Time Now
  • English, German, French

Retracing the longstanding career of avant-garde drummer Sunny Murray, one of the most influential figures of the Free jazz revolution. Through a series of interviews with key time witnesses as well as historic and contemporary concert footage, it reassesses the relationship between the libertarian music movement and the political events of the 1960s, whose social claims it so intimately reflected. By doing so, it also recounts how the most radical forms of musical expression were excluded from the major production and distribution networks as the libertarian ideal went out of fashion. Beyond its historical approach, the film follows Sunny Murray on current gigs, showing his daily struggle to perpetuate a musical genre which is still widely ignored by the general public. In doing so, Sunny's time now also dwells on the near-clandestine community of aficionados who continue to worship the gods of their musical coming of age, and whose unfaltering support has permitted free ...

Sunny's Time Now
  • English, German, French
Antoine Prum
Antoine Prum Director, Writer...
David Grumbach
David Grumbach Executive Producer
Paul Thiltges
Paul Thiltges Producer
Camille Cottagnoud
Camille Cottagnoud Director of Photography
Carlo Thiel
Carlo Thiel Director of Photography
Theo Thiesmeier
Theo Thiesmeier Director of Photography
Alexandre Davidson
Alexandre Davidson Sound Recordist
Gilles Laurent
Gilles Laurent Sound Recordist
Damien Dufresne
Damien Dufresne Sound Recordist
Fabrizio Dörig
Fabrizio Dörig Sound Recordist
Ken Fitzke
Ken Fitzke Sound Recordist
Sunny Murray
Sunny Murray Himself

Production Companies

Paul Thiltges Distributions