Storm in the Andes

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  • 2015
  • 101min
Storm in the Andes
  • Original Title: Storm över Anderna

Eighteen-year-old Josefin travels from Sweden to Peru in search of answers. According to a family myth, her aunt was a terrorist leader who died in that country during the armed conflict. After this trip, Josefin will see life with different eyes.

Storm in the Andes

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Human Rights Watch Film Festival/ IDFA/ Goteborg Film Festival

Storm In The Andes. Discovering the truth about my Peruvian family

Swedish Josefin had an aunt who was a terrorist leader in Peru. Augusta La Torre created Sendero Luminoso together with her husband Abimael Guzman. Josefin was born in Sweden in 1988 when Augusta died in Peru.

Josefin was given Augusta as second name and brought up with the family myths about her aunt. In 2011 she travels for the first time to Peru with director Mikael Wiström to find out the truth. In Peru Josefin is introduced to Flor Gonzales.  Her father Samuel was leader of a successful peasant rebellion against the landlords in 1974.

Now Flor is trying to find out what happened during her childhood and why her oldest brother was arrested and killed during the war that was started by Sendero Luminoso in 1980. Flor is reluctant to meet Josefin since her family blame Sendero for the death of Claudio. But they both want to know the truth about the war and their disappeared family members.

Despite a disturbing conflict they start their common search in Lima and in the Andes. Josefin finds the cruel and puzzling story of her aunt Augusta among her former friends and the victims of the war. At the same time it is proved that Claudio was innocent of terrorism. Despite their conflicts the two young women find common ground in a painful but also liberating truth.

Flor recognizes the courage of Josefin who despite the public outrage of her family has pursued in finding the dark truth about the war her aunt initiated.

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