Stories Of The Half-Light

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  • 2018
  • 68min
Stories Of The Half-Light
  • Original Title: Stories of the Half-Light (2018)

Through the voice of one of its inhabitants, the reality of a shelter for homeless people comes to light from the shadows. Faces with a difficult past that await an uncertain future.

Stories Of The Half-Light

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Visions du Réel International Film Festival/ Docudì – Il giorno del Cinema Documentario/ ZagrebDox Festival/ Festival Internacional de Cinema de Brasilia/ Tirana International Film Festival/ Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt/ Festival International du Film de Nancy Lorraine/ Mantova Film Festival/ Ortigia Film Festival OFF/ Euganea Film Festival/ Biografilm Festival | International Celebration of Lives

Stories of the Half-Light. Behind the shadows of a shelter

Rostom is a night shelter for homeless people located on the outskirts of a big Italian city. 

This film is narrated by David, a homeless English man who has spent the previous seven years travelling. He arrived at the Rostom shelter exhausted but nurturing the desire of getting back on his feet, and eager to tell his story.

In the dark of the night, the faces of the people who stay there for just one night and the faces of those who have made the place their home are illuminated by the glow of cigarettes and their voices can be heard. 

Luca Magi
Luca Magi Director

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