Stories From The Shower

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  • 2021
  • 25min
Stories From The Shower

This short documentary film gives us access to the showers of a public school bathroom in Norway. A film about identity in adolescence and its expression through the body.

Stories From The Shower

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: The Norwegian Short Film Festival/  Nordisk Panorama/ Dok Leipzig/ Bergen Internation Film Festival/ Chicago International Children’s Film Festival/ Minimalen Short Film Festival/ Tampere Film Festival/ BUFF International Children and Young People’s Film Festival/ DokFilm Volda - The Norwegian Documentary Festival/ Love & Anarchy - Helsinki International Film Festival/ Reykjavik International Film Festival/ Kids Kino International Film Festival/ Inconvenient Films/ Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival

Stories From The Shower. The language of the adolescent body

When it comes to showering after gym class, what do young people think? It is possible for different people to have very different experiences from the same changing room. There are some people who shower naked, others who shower with underwear on, and others who spray a little extra perfume and hope for the best. 

The short documentary Stories from the Shower explores how adolescents experience school showers and changing rooms. Their stories paint a picture of a time when the changing room became a center of joy and hardship for young people.

Teresia Fant
Teresia Fant Director

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