Step by Step

  • 7.3 10
  • 2016
  • 11min

A Paralympic medalist and a quadriplegic man come together to trek thirty-five kilometers over the Tibetan plateau, a challenge that will test their physical and motivational aptitudes.

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Red Shed Film Festival/ Breckenridge Film Festival/ Adventure Outdoor Film Festival/ My Hero Film Festival/ Ojai Film Festival

Step by Step, Conquering the Tibetan plateau

Months after becoming quadriplegic as a result of a spinal cord injury, for Paul Fairhurst it was quite an achievement to be able to sit on the end of his bed. The prognostications were not encouraging but his willingness to walk with his own feet again gradually allowed him to achieve a firm pace despite his condition.

But for Paul this was just the beginning. After meeting Paralympic medalist Gregory Burns, a tie of friendship between them grew based on their own physical limits, and soon they both would test them in the most extraordinary setting. 

The difficult and high lands of the magnificent Tibetan plateau will become a mystical field for these men, where their fears and their capacity of resilience will find their climatic point. The objective: to trek over 35 kilometers. Their wish: to feel that they are indeed alive.

Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers Director
Meghan Shea
Meghan Shea Director

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