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Starless Dreams

  • 0 10
  • 2016
  • Nonemin
Starless Dreams
  • Original Title: Royahaye Dame Sobh

Heavy snow falls from the sky as heavily-armed guards patrol the walls of an Iranian centre of correction and rehabilitation. Inside, the girls are waiting at the food counter. Among them are underage mothers and others who are married. All of them ended up here after becoming involved in crime. Drug dealing, assault, murder. Yet instead of cold-blooded criminals we discover friendly, warm young people who laugh, sing and cry together. Their close bonds have been forged by the troubled past they share. We learn of their fears of having to return to the lives they once left behind. The documental camera is intimate but respectful, the resulting portraits are full of dignity.

Starless Dreams
  • Persian
  • Country: Iran
  • Original Title: Royahaye Dame Sobh
Mehrdad Oskouei
Mehrdad Oskouei Writer, Director...
Mohamad Hadadi
Mohamad Hadadi Director of photography

Production Companies

Oskouei Film Production

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