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Stand Up

  • 8.5 10
  • 2022
  • 61min

Two exceptional female athletes and devoted mothers who use the power of water sports to defy gender inequality and create a sense of community.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Wasatch Mountain Film Festival/ Tacoma Film Festival/ Gig Harbor Film Festival 

Stand Up - A feat for equality 

Captures the courageous journey of Jeannine Mackie and Erica Lichty, two extraordinary women who shatter stereotypes and challenge systemic gender bias in the world of water sports to create a sense of community and foster a culture of inclusivity and empowerment. Fueled by unwavering determination and a deep sense of purpose, they embark on an arduous 70-mile race in just 48 hours, facing grueling physical and emotional challenges along the way. Through their awe-inspiring feat, they inspire and uplift women everywhere, shining a light on the limitless potential and resilience of the human spirit."

Carly Vester
Carly Vester Director

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