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  • 7.5 10
  • 1984
  • Nonemin
  • English

A documentary on the history on mankind's attempts to reach high speeds. Starting with the invention of the bicycle, going on to sports cars, cars with jet engines, rocket-powered cars, attempts to break the sound barrier, and rocket-engine airplanes. Each achievement is documented by title card indicating the speed reached in miles per hour.

  • English
James Foster
James Foster Co-Writer
Steven Henschel
Steven Henschel Co-Writer
Lee Brock
Lee Brock Bill Vukovich
Frank Dent
Frank Dent Policeman
Brad McCabe
Brad McCabe Himself (stunt driver)
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown Himself (stunt driver)
Art Scholl
Art Scholl Himself (stunt pilot)
Chuck Wentworth
Chuck Wentworth Himself (stunt pilot)
James Burke
James Burke Narrator (voice)
Monty Cox
Monty Cox Hunter
Shane McCamey
Shane McCamey Kirkpatrick MacMillan
Linda Hoy
Linda Hoy Scottish Lady
Omri Katz
Omri Katz Scottish Laddie
Andy Muxlow
Andy Muxlow Scottish Laddie

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