Speak So I Can See You

  • 9.5 10
  • 2019
  • 73min
Speak So I Can See You
  • Original Title: Speak So I Can See You

Dive deep into the rich soundscape of Radio Belgrade, experiencing the resonances of history and the profound power of sound to evoke memory, emotion, and thought in this synesthetic cinematic journey.

Speak So I Can See You


Speak So I Can See You - History, Sound, Memory, Synesthesia

This cinematic film is a mesmerizing auditory journey through the corridors, studios, and airwaves of Radio Belgrade, one of Europe's most historic broadcasting institutions. More than just a radio station, its walls have captured, created, and conveyed sounds that span decades of tumultuous history, culture, and evolution. This film doesn’t just let us listen, it invites us to experience sound in its myriad forms, from the faintest static whisper to the most resonant broadcast. Navigating through this auditory maze, we are invited to explore the profound impact sounds have on our memory, emotions, and consciousness. By blending the visual with the aural, "Echoes of Belgrade" offers a synesthetic experience, letting audiences feel the essence of sound and its power to evoke, provoke, and inspire.

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