• 8 10
  • 2020
  • 7min
  • Original Title: Sonnenstube

Sergio Cortesi, a devoted astronomer, spent over six decades sketching the turbulent dance of sunspots, uncovering secrets that could one day illuminate or darken our entire world.


Sonnenstube - One man's watchful eye on the sun uncovers its perilous secrets


This originally found footage documentary delves into the life and legacy of Sergio Cortesi, the visionary behind the Specola Solare di Locarno-Monti and founder of the Ticino Astronomical Society. From 1957 to 2021, Cortesi meticulously documented over 15,000 sunspots, those enigmatic markers of the Sun’s magnetic tumult.


This documentary paints a portrait of a man whose work at the observatory not only charts the fiery surface of our closest star but also probes the potential cataclysmic impact of solar storms on Earth's technology-dependent societies. Through interviews, archival footage, and stunning visualizations of solar activity, the film explores the pivotal role of Cortesi’s observations in understanding solar phenomena and their direct implications for global infrastructure.

Davide Palella
Davide Palella Director

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