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Song of the Rivers

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  • 1954
  • Nonemin
Song of the Rivers
  • English, German, French

The Song of the Rivers, or Das Lied der Ströme, is a 1954 documentary production by the East Germany's Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft (DEFA). Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens was the leading director. The sprawling film celebrates international workers movements along six major rivers: the Volga, Mississippi, Ganges, Nile, Amazon and the Yangtze. Shot in many countries by different film crews, and later edited by Ivens, Song of the Rivers begins with a lyrical montage of landscapes and laborers and proceeds to glorify labor and modern industrial machinery. The musical score is by Dmitri Shostakovich, with lyrics written by Berthold Brecht, and songs performed by German communism's star Ernst Busch and famous American actor, singer and activist Paul Robeson who also narrates. Song of the Rivers is an ode to international solidarity.

Song of the Rivers
  • English, German, French
Joris Ivens
Joris Ivens Director, Writer...
Joop Huisken
Joop Huisken Director
Ruy Santos
Ruy Santos Director, Writer...
Robert Menegoz
Robert Menegoz Director
Ella Ensink
Ella Ensink Editor
Jaime Pinheiro
Jaime Pinheiro Sound Director
Alex McCrindle
Alex McCrindle Narrator
Paul Robeson
Paul Robeson Voice of Singer
Sergio Vasconcelos
Sergio Vasconcelos Brazilian Narrator