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Some Natives of Churchill

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  • 1973
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Some Natives of Churchill

This short documentary zooms in on Churchill, Manitoba, on the western curve of Hudson Bay. The town boomed for a while after it became the railhead seaport for the shipment of Prairie grain. It also changed the way of life of the Native Indian and Inuit population. "Four levels of government," says one, "and the town's biggest industry is the liquor store." In this film, local inhabitants say what they think of the changes and why they decided to stay when others moved on.

Some Natives of Churchill
Cynthia Scott
Cynthia Scott Director, Producer...
John N. Smith
John N. Smith Executive Producer
Jean-Pierre Lachapelle
Jean-Pierre Lachapelle Director of photography
Bill Graziadei
Bill Graziadei Sound Editor

Production Companies

National Film Board of Canada